Is A Low-Carb, High Protein Diet really Effective for Losing Weight Safely ?

How Does Ketogenic Diet Enhances Fat Loss?

Did you know that when you are in a Keto diet, if you eat something and nobody sees you? It does not contain calories! Of course, that is not true … but it’s how many of us think!

Do you eat when you are bored, annoyed or angry? Do you find that every day requires a chocolate bar to take you in the afternoon?

If you are trying to lose weight, you can feel guilty for the sandwiches.

As a weight loss coach, I find that some people (particularly women) laugh nervously when I ask them what happens with their food consumption around 4 pm.

This is often the time of the day when the monster of the snack takes control of them! Some are grouped by being weak, out of control and without discipline.

Or, eventually they renounce their diet completely or develop contrary, so they do not feel so bad. It really did not matter, it’s free. Or, if you do not realize, calories do not count.

The good news is that a healthy eating program that leads to the weight does not have to be like that.

You can lose weight without hungry or guilty! It is possible to take control of the sandwiches monster and healthy sandwiches can take it to the success of weight loss, not failure.

Then, instead of being full of repentance of sandwiches, choose their sandwiches wisely and have more energy and vitality, without fault.

The keys to healthy snacks are to select food that:

  • Can satisfy your hunger,
  • Supply your body with energy, and
  • Provide important nutrients.

You may have heard that to increase muscle and lose weight, you must increase your protein intake.

When I heard for the first time I thought … Wait a minute the same thing that will make you bigger, it’s supposed to make you “smaller” …

I asked the coach this question and he looked at me stupefied, but let me think .. . “In addition to sounding absurd, is this method will really be safe?

Although we all know that we require a certain amount of proteins every day to be healthy and due to propaganda to this effect, many people see daily consumption of high protein food, such as meat and dairy products as highly beneficial.

However, judging by the failure of the majority, if not all the people I have personally known, trying to lose weight in a low-carbohydrate diet, it may be time to review our ideas on protein.

Of what I have seen (more than six cases that I have been able to observe between friends, family and co-workers) will be sure to answer the question leading this article with a simple no!

Not only is a high protein diet, it is not the best at all for weight loss, according to many naturopaths, such a diet can even be harmful to general health.

Due to its complexity, the excessive protein together with fatty foods are the most difficult food to digest and tend to leave one tired all the time.

In addition, the common protein putrefaction, while being digested, creates many acids in the body and is known to deposit the basis for cancer.

This does not mean that proteins and fats should be avoided, quite the opposite, what should be the goal to consume these foods should be taking exactly what the body needs and no more.

The MAX Planck Institute has shown that, taking into account that the body recycles most of its protein by its own needs, 25 g of protein per day is more than enough.

According to T.C. Fry, a well-known naturopath and pioneer in painless healing, there are several cultures such as the Caribbean, which subsist in a diet based on manioc (root vegetables) and get approximately 12 g of protein per day.

Similarly, it was discovered that an aboriginal tribe in the Hagen Mountains was discovered that it lived in approximately 80-90% of its diet, being the sweet potatoes, the breaks mostly leafy vegetables, bananas and the like.

In Nigeria, most people almost never consumed milk or cheese (they were too expensive) and families strictly rationed the consumption of animal meat over the size of medium-sized lemon per person every two days.

All these groups of people, with their root vegetable diets, obviously, are in great health, achieving a great physical work.

In addition, breast milk, which for a time is a perfect food for babies, has approximately 1-2% protein content.

(Only fruits and vegetables resemble their composition), any reasonable person can deduce that a growing baby needs more protein than a complete adult adult, however, human babies, as with our distant cousins:

The apes in Nature, do well in breast milk and on the subject of monkeys who share about 98% of our DNA, do you know the gorilla, the strongest primate, has been known by the bench press up approximately 4000 pounds ?

How does this creature live? According to Dr. George Schalleler and Dian Fossey, two great primatologists, this powerful relative lives mostly fruits and leaves.

Now, considering all the previous factors, when it comes to the right diet for weight loss, I would recommend a mucus or mucus (raw and cooked vegetables) over any other mere fashion in the search to achieve fitness and health.

Of course, if the consumption of animal meat should be continued, I would also recommend that it be done in a minimum amount and only one type of animal meat so often.

In my opinion, the consumption of fresh homemade salads, monkey-meals, sandwiches on nuts, such as dates, some nuts and maybe even a fast short juice, as an option for a diet (together with some form of exercise. )

It will be the best way to achieve a safe and healthy weight loss.

Low Carb Diets Can Assist You Rapid Weight Loss

Low carbohydrate diets are the most recent diet trend, and it seems effective. Here are some tips to follow a balanced carbohydrate diet.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, with the aim of at least five servings a day. Includes fruit at breakfast and salad at lunch.

Reduce the amount of salt by eating less processed foods, such as listed meals, and adding a smaller amount of salt to food. Eat a varied diet.

Change your shopping list each week to help you keep it out of the furrows of unhealthy foods and make them eat more enjoyable.

Eat regular meals, although it does not matter when you eat your food, a consistent schedule helps most people control your diet and weight.

Control your portion sizes so that over time, if not necessarily every day, the amount of energy consumes matches its level of activity.

Try to be more physically active. It points to 30 minutes of physical activity in most days of the week.

The activity helps regulate your appetite, and it means you can eat more without gaining weight.

Drink alcohol only within sensitive limits: no more than 14 units per week for women, and no more than three in a day, and no more than 21 units per week for men, and no more than four elsewhere.

The most popular fashion diet is the low carbohydrate diet or atkins. Restrict foods rich in carbohydrates, which restricts the total daily calories.

Phase one of the four in the Atkins diet consists of between 1400 to 1500 total daily calories.

Average adult female consumes about 2200 calories daily and average adult man consumes around 2800 calories daily.

Almost any adult will lose weight if they consume from 800 to 1300 calories less and less. Phase one of the Atkins diet also restricts carbohydrate intake only 20 grams of net carbohydrates daily.

The definition of net carbohydrates is total grams of carbohydrates by serving less dietary fiber per serving.

Dietary fiber is the non-digestible remains of vegetable products found in beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel source of the body. In the near future there will be a recommended dietary assignment, or R.D.A., for carbohydrates of 130 grams daily.

130 grams of carbohydrates Our body needs daily is for the correct functioning of the central nervous system and the production of red blood cells.

Only during the four phase of the Atkins diet are allowed the participants up to 120 grams of net carbohydrates daily.

Low carbohydrate diets are nothing new, have existed since the 1860s and the Atkins diet came out for the first time at the beginning of the 1970s.

Most nutrition experts agree that you should be successful in weight loss that a person needs to maintain weight for 5 years.

More than 90% of people who take weight through a fashion diet such as the Atkins diet gain weight in less than a year.

The participants in the Atkins diet lose fat between 10 and 12 pounds in the first weeks, but this is just a loss of water, not fat. A pound of fat contains 3500 calories.

Therefore, lose 10 pounds of fat in several weeks, you should consume 35,000 calories less or burn 35,000 calories more through exercise. Nor is it likely to happen.

Then, the best way to lose weight and become healthier is to eat a balanced diet. Do not cut all your carbohydrates, but you also go overboard with them.

In addition to eating well, exercise in a proportional amount to what is eating. Exercise too much is as bad as exercising very little.

4 Best Health Benefits of Ketosis

The ketosis is a state where the body burns the ketones for fuel. The liver uses fat in the body to produce these ketones, and because of this, it is much easier to lose weight in the Keto diet.

Let’s see some of the health benefits of ketosis.

1.Accelerated weight loss

As mentioned above, rapid weight loss occurs when it adopts the Keto diet. Since your body is burning fat around the clock, you will be losing more fat in the same amount of time compared to any other diet.

In addition to that, you are also consuming a copious amount of fat. This encourages the body to burn fat more easily.

With conventional diets, the body is more hesitant to burn your fat stores because you consider fat as an emergency fuel store for future needs.

When you are eating a lot of fat, the body sees that there is no shortage of fat and gets rid of its “emergency stock” without hesitation.

2. Disappearance of mysterious pains and aches

It is a very common tendency now to not “feel good”. Your muscles and joints can ache without any reason.

People feel more pains and pains at an earlier age and you can find yourself making moan noises when you get up from the couch, as well as your grandparents we used.

The only problem is that you are half your age.

The reason why our bodies are tired and Achy is due to inflammation. The lethargy, depression, lack of energy, etc. They are linked to inflammation.

Inflammation is caused by a diet that is high in processed foods and carbohydrates.

When you are on the Keto diet, inflammation will decrease considerably and you will feel more energy and you will be better than you have ever resolved.

In fact, it will be full of energy, even if you have not eaten because the ketones are turning on your body, and there are always fat stores so that the body becomes.

3. Better sporting performance

If you are an athlete or someone who works regularly, you will notice that you can perform at a higher level when you are in a KETO diet.

You will tire yourself with less easy and you will also have more energy during your workouts. This extra effort will translate to better results.

4. Adaptation of Fat

It is a proven fact that most ultra-athletes adapt the fat and burn the ketones for energy instead of fuel.

One of the biggest problems facing people when it comes to losing weight is having to fight themselves.

Since they are burning glucose for fuel, after a cardio cardio session, its glycogen stores will be exhausted. What happens next is that they long for high foods in carbohydrates.

This is the reason why you can feel vorazed after a cardio session of 45 or 60 minutes. Your body needs carbohydrates to get glucose.

If you eat carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels will rise and insulin will be secreted and a lot of this will end up as fat.

I would have undone all your training. This problem does not arise when you are in ketosis. Did a lot of energy run out during your training?

No problem. Your body can take advantage of your fat stores to get more energy. There are no carbohydrate cravings.

There are no spikes of blood sugar and without weight gain. Perfect.

These are just some of the benefits of ketosis. There are many more and you will discover what they are once you give him a Keto diet.


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