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Type 2 diabetes treatment natural cures

When it comes to diabetes, there’s a lot of information out there, but in the end, the consensus seems to be that everything is fine with a little modified diet, some exercising, and medication. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong.

There’s a lot that goes into having diabetes and, unfortunately, there is either minimal detail to the long term or information that’s downright false.

Thankfully there are companies out there like Help Your Diabetes (HYD) that are looking to uncover these myths and get you back to true health.

What kind of falsities are we talking about? Here are 3 of the biggest myths you might have heard and the actual truth behind them.

Myth 1: Diabetes can be “managed”.

Truth: If it’s been a while since your diagnosis, you’re probably on a lot more medication than when you started, or even on insulin by now.

If your diabetes was being “managed”, this wouldn’t be the case.

If it were truly being managed you wouldn’t need more and more medications over time to keep your A1C in normal range.

The fact is, diabetes is a progressive, degenerative disease. Which means that it’s slowly destroying your body from the inside out.

The medicine is only slowing the rate, but eventually fails and more is needed.

Myth 2: Pharmaceutical Companies Want To Make Your Diabetes Go Away.

Truth: The other year, the pharmaceutical industry made over $200 BILLION selling diabetes medications in the U.S. alone.

That equates to 20% of all U.S. healthcare spending; but, diabetes isn’t isolated to the U.S., it’s a worldwide pandemic.

This is a multi-TRILLION dollar industry that is growing every year. The pharmaceutical industry has NO incentive to do anything that’s going to reverse your diabetes (make it go into remission).

It only makes money when you are “managing” your diabetes by taking medications. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t create cures, they create customers.

Myth 3: Your Doctor Knows How To Reverse Diabetes

Truth: To your doctor, the standard of care for diabetes is strictly “management” with drugs; but we’ve already determined that there is no such thing as diabetes management from myth #1.

Diabetes cannot be managed with medications. It ALWAYS gets worse over time; however, if you bring up diabetes reversal to your doctor, they are likely to give you a blank stare or may be skeptical.

Why? Because it’s not what they are trained to do, even though there’s a TON of medical studies showing diabetes can indeed be sent into remission (reversed) indefinitely.

With those myths busted, you might be wondering what now?

If it can’t be managed and your doctor doesn’t know how to reverse it, are you destined to always suffer from diabetes?

The bad news is that once you’re diabetic, you’re diabetic for life.

However, the good news is that you CAN live in a state where your diabetes stays dormant for good.

That’s called diabetes reversal and Help Your Diabetes (HYD) is the company to assist you with this.

HYD is a full Type 2 Diabetes reversal program and their Patented diabetes reversal system offers very comprehensive programs to their clinics’ patients and teaches them what to eat and not eat, what nutritional supplements to take, and what exercises to do.

It is a combination of these 3 things that get your body healthy again naturally and reduces or eliminates your need for medications.

True health is when you have all the organs you were born with, your lab tests are normal, and you aren’t taking any medications.

Truly healthy people don’t have Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, or Neuropathy. Therefore, HYD’s main goal is to get your body back to true health, if possible.

Head over to HYD to learn more and book a consultation today for a healthier future!

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