How to cure hemorrhoids at home fast ?

Hemorrhoid Rescue supplement Summary

Hemorrhoid Rescue is a natural treatment of hemorrhoids that can help your body cure your hemorrhoids. Many of the customers inform that they experience relief in a few days and the complete reversion of symptoms within 30 days!

Some of the hemorrhoid rescue customers have even informed us that it helped them with bleeding hemorrhoids and other advanced cases of hemorrhoids.

The hemorrhoid rescue has even helped people who were counted by their doctor who would need surgery!

It is incredible to see how many people get relief from the hemorrhoid rescue.

More than 50% of women and men get hemorrhoids at some point in their life, and the special hemorrhoid rescue formula is the treatment of hemorrhoids # 1 for men and women from a wide range of ages, no matter what age of age.

7 Natural ingredients that help your body fight the cause of pain and hazards of hemorrhoids.

It is a problem that nobody wants to have

Bleeding during intestinal movements, consistent itching, a throbbing pain along its rectal area, these are the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but these could be signs of any number of other medical concerns.

So, how do you know if the problem is hemorrhoids or if there is another problem you need to address?

There are several signs and symptoms that can help you determine whether you have hemorrhoids.

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As a general rule, if you are not sure of something that you are experiencing with respect to your health or body, then you really should see a doctor to get a clarification.

That said, hemorrhoids are a fairly common condition, which affects two thirds of the adult population at least once in their lives, and there are some aspects of hemorrhoids that make the condition quite obvious.

Recognizing Hemorrhoids

Many people have hemorrhoids even without realizing it. When they are small or you only deal with one or two of the swollen blood vessels, maybe you don’t pay attention to discomfort or irritation regularly.

However, when hemorrhoids grow or more developed, the condition can be very painful.

4 main types of hemorrhoids + 4 stages of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids have joked about for a long time, but this is not a laughing matter, they can be painful and embarrassing, and safe to say that nobody wants it.

Unfortunately, some people are vulnerable to painful and uncomfortable hemorrhoids repeat, while some lucky people have never had hemorrhoids that look at all.

If you are faced pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids, it is important to know which of the 4 hemorrhoids you have so you can make educated decisions about how to treat them.

Hemorrhoids can be internal or external, the meaning in the rectum and is not visible, or outside the anus and visible.

Internal hemorrhoids can be prolaps, resulting in their appearance outside the body, and external hemorrhoids can be thrombosur, which means blood vessels in it has been damaged and gave them a bad blue or purple appearance.

Below you will find a description of various types and stages of hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids

In general, it is only recognized with bleeding, internal hemorrhoids are only in the rectum.

They are quite deep inside so you can’t see it, and because there are no nerve endings deep in the rectum, you also can’t feel it.

Anal bleeding because hemorrhoids may not need a lot of care, because they tend to recover themselves or with a home hemorrhoid solution containing Witch Hazel and Cayenne, among other natural ingredients.

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are generally outside the anus and can be seen and felt.

This is the most frequently treated hemorrhoids with counter hemorrhoid drugs, because they are painful and uncomfortable.

The reason you can feel this and not internal hemorrhoids is because the anus sounded with sensitive nerve endings, making external hemorrhoids into a serious source of pain.

Most of the excessive care seeks to deal with external hemorrhoids and pain, allowing you to feel release when they recede and go alone.

However, herbal or natural medicines can provide destruction of pain when speeding up healing at the same time.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

An internal hemorrhoid can prolapse, which means that it leaves the rectum and startled out of the body.

Because the prolapse hemorrhoids extend beyond the anus and out of the body, they put pressure on the nerve endings in the anus and can be very painful.

If you fear that it can have prolapsed internal hemorrhoids, you can recognize them because of your feeling and appearance: it is said that they feel like soft and swollen pillows of the skin and see pinker than the skin of the anus.

Often, these hemorrhoids will go back in the rectum on their own, or they can be pushed gently towards the rectum.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids

This type of hemorrhoid is external hemorrhoid that has been prolapsed and formed a blood clot.

These are very painful and may need to be treated as soon as possible to avoid exacerbation and greater discomfort.

However, fortunately, many minor Thrombosed are resolved after a few weeks, so if the pain is not unbearable, a patient may be able to wait for them.

These are often the ugly ways of hemorrhoids, because they can be inflicted, they can convert purple or blue, and can explode, especially during the elimination of solids.

Its appearance can be terrifying, but not necessarily indicative of serious health concerns.

It is better to avoid the irritation of the area and keep it as clean as possible to allow healing. Try using special hemorrhoids tissue to help keep the particular area clean.

The four stages of hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids are generally described by doctors in a four-stage system, depending on gravity.

These stages are used to describe any pain or discomfort, the location of the hemorrhoid and possible treatment options.

The descriptions can help you determine which, where appropriate, the internal hemorrhoids you may have and if you should treat the hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoid is recognized by some rectal bleeding, generally during solids removal.

This bleeding can be exacerbated by pushing exaggerated during the elimination or ingestion of inadequate fiber in the diet, but it is generally not indicative of a major problem. The hemorrhoid has not begun to Externally prolapse.

The hemorrhoid at this stage has begun to prolapse and can bleed. In general, hemorrhoids in stage 2 can be retracted again in the rectal cavity on their own, and they are not a cause of concern.

There may be some discomfort during elimination, and the appearance of rectal bleeding can be alarming, but often, the hemorrhoids of stage 2 are not dangerous or painful.

Hemorrhoids have developed externally and can cause pain because it touches the end of the anal nerve.

This often occurs when it is carried down during elimination and can respond to manual reduction by gently massaging the hemorrhoid in the rectum.

In some cases, when it is kept clean and left alone, the hemorrhoid at this stage can be withdrawn simple in the rectal cavity by itself, or may require some hemorrhoids home treatment with herbal ingredients.

These are the most severe internal hemorrhoids; You can not reinsert manually in the rectum, and these are the most likely to be Thrombosed.

These are especially painful and generally require treatment through topical herbal remedies.

If left alone, Thrombosed prolapsed internal hemorrhoids can disappear by themselves, but many patients choose to treat hemorrhoid to reduce their discomfort.

There are several ways to treat both the types of hemorrhoids, depending on their severity. They can go on their own, or may require a gentle remedy based on herbs.

There are ways to prevent or decrease the severity of existing hemorrhoids, but if a hemorrhoid is persistent, painful, or results in a stool or blood consistently bloody on paper after removal, you may want to test a hemorrhoid treatment to Herbal base.

What do Hemorrhoids Look Like?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that develop in anal and rectal cavity.

External hemorrhoids, being the only type that looks with the naked eye, is the easiest found. This hemorrhoid looks like a small tuber or skin growth coming out of anal sphincter.

Hemorrhoids are usually the same as your skin, but may be red or blue depending on the severity.

The size of hemorrhoids will also vary depending on the severity.

You will only see internal hemorrhoids with the help of endoscopic cameras, as used in colonoscopy.

What does it feel like hemorrhoids?
Is hemorrhoids itchy? Is hemorrhoids hurt?

These are the first few questions to be asked by people when they try to determine the cause of their inconvenience. So far, the biggest complaint about hemorrhoids is itchy.

The feeling of blood pulsing through swelling and crooked veins in the sensitive area of ​​your body will cause you to feel itchy.

The worst part of itching hemorrhoids is that you cannot just itchy them, which usually causes sensations to grow worse.

Sitting for a prolonged period of time will usually worsen itching.

To reduce itching caused by hemorrhoids, you can try using a cold compress, warm Sitz bath, or try using a over the counter ointment.

This solution will help reduce itching, and reduce the severity of other symptoms that usually develop with hemorrhoids.

Whether they are internal or external, all hemorrhoids produce the same symptoms at different severity.

General symptoms of hemorrhoids include:

  • Itchy
  • Burning
  • Throbbing or pulsing
  • Light bleeding
  • Pain when defecating

Bleeding that causes hemorrhoids is usually not severe.

Bleeding occurs usually during the movement of the intestine, when the process of encouraging causes the vein of Bulbus crying or scratching.

When this happens, blood will clearly show the network in a bright red line.

Every example of blood on the bench, including feces, is not caused by hemorrhoids.

Blood in feces is an indication of internal bleeding and must be handled immediately by your doctor.

Another way to determine whether the problem might be hemorrhoids is to try some natural solution. If the problem is hemorrhoids then you must be able to find help by trying strategies such as:

Take a warm shower or bath Sitz, which showered with just a few inches of water in the bathtub

  • Use the hemorrhoid ointment
  • Sit with cold compress or ice package
  • Carefully wiping with moist tissue after the intestinal movement
  • Apply witch hazel on swollen veins

Understand how you can develop hemorrhoids running far to prevent it.

Hemorrhoids generally develop as a result of bad toilet habits, especially tiring or taking your sweet time to the toilet. The low-fiber diet causes a defecation difficult to continue to cause more tensions.

Consider adding more fiber or food supplements in fibers for your diet.

Obesity is also a known cause, because it puts more pressure on your rectum during the intestinal movement.

Similarly, loose stools and holding the need to go to the bathroom for a long time can also worsen existing hemorrhoids and cause more hemorrhoids to develop.


Hemorrhoid Rescue supplement work from the inside out, after the root causes of pain and discomfort. This simple herbal formula gives your body more than what is needed to heal itself.

Natural ingredients provide your extra tool It needed to help fight your hemorrhoids.

Research has demonstrated Ingredients found in supplements to help reduce swelling & inflammation. Swallow capsules can be taken anywhere. No more messy cream or smelly tissue to be handled.

Hopefully this has helped you understand hemorrhoids a little better and understand how the rescue of hemorrhoids can give you hope. But you will never know until you try this Supplement.

The good news not only works fast and costs less than one visit to your doctor, it comes with a 100% satisfaction promise.

If you are not fully happy with the results of your Hemorrhoid issue , they will refund your full purchase price.

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