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For the Love of Food : prepared meal delivery service

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For the Love of Food

Let’s discuss a universal love: food. It can bring us together, change our mood, and inspire. It’s a love affair for many and there’s never been a better time to revel in this lust for flavor and nutrition.

With companies like PlateJoy, you can fall head over heels for delicious recipes.

It’s not a meal delivery kit that delivers fresh food to cook – instead, you can buy your groceries from your favorite market and take the time to prep and enjoy the process.

Another thing to consider is that PlateJoy helps you keep your relationship with food healthy.

From dietary preferences to weight loss, there’s a plan for you.

Think of them as your own personal health assistant helping you achieve your goals and staying on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Their recipes will delight your tastebuds, and you’ll learn more about what ingredients and meals you like.

For example, their Instant Pot chicken cacciatore with spaghetti squash might just be your new favorite go-to meal, and thanks to PlateJoy you now know how to make it!

PlateJoy is also offering Get $10 Off at! Use code: GET10 at checkout, so head over to PlateJoy today to see what they have to offer and continue your love affair while staying healthy. 

Let’s Talk Keto and PlateJoy

You’ve probably come across people talking about keto, or you’ve seen hundreds of keto-friendly recipes on Pinterest.

Known to help with weight loss and improve type-2 diabetes, the ketogenic diet is a big player in health and fitness communities.

What is keto? A keto or ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate protein, higher-fat diet that has the goal of getting the body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

It may be beneficial for weight loss, health, and performance, as shown in over 50 studies. (Source)

The ketogenic diet focuses on consuming high amounts of fat, and this can make finding recipes and maintaining the diet difficult.

However, companies like PlateJoy have developed nutritionist-approved meal plans that make sticking to keto easy.  

PlateJoy is a company that can assist with any of your dietary needs, including keto, with an easy-to-follow meal plan.

Unlike meal subscriptions, it’s not a meal delivery kit that delivers fresh food to cook. Instead, think of them as your own personal health assistant.

They help you find meals that fit the macronutrient needs of the ketogenic diet that are both delicious and simple to make. 

Menu plans are created specifically to your needs and taste preference and can satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Check out these portobello egg & avocado “toasts” . Even your non-keto friends will want seconds. 

Check out what PlateJoy has to offer today and find the plan that works for you! 

PlateJoy & The Keto Diet

Looking to find more energy while losing weight? Maybe you’re looking for a better way to manage your blood sugar levels.

One popular diet that seems to be hitting all these keys and more is the Ketogenic Diet.

This popular diet is a low carb diet, where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. Besides weight loss, some benefits also include improved skin and mental focus.

If this sounds like something that might change your life, let PlateJoy help! At you get more than just a meal plan subscription.

They help make cooking fun and easy with personalized plans (like the Keto Diet) that include recipes and grocery lists.

Unlike the usual meal kit subscriptions, you’ll enjoy more flexibility with optional ingredient delivery when you want it, with no packaging waste, and at a more affordable price. 

Super simple to use, take the lifestyle quiz to help them better understand your diet goals and more.

Once completed, you’ll receive a custom plan to start preparing your meals and stay focused on your goals with ease.

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