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Chirp Wheel Review : Is the best remedy for lower back pain ?

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The Chirp wheel (previously the Plexus wheel) is a roller wheel designed to eliminate back pain and tension, which is registered by the FDA as a medical device.

Wheels come in several sizes and offers, each of which functions as an upgraded version of a traditional foam roller.

The Chirp wheel offers a tissue massage that uses an ergonomic design that is built specifically to eliminate back pain.

The concept is very simple: Place the wheels on the ground, and lie with your feet planted on the ground and the wheels sit between your shoulder blades.

Then carefully keep your balance, roll it slowly up and down the wheel, so fixed in the middle of your back.

It has a less surface area than a foam roller, allowing you to really press the muscle knot and relieve tension.

For people who experience muscle spasms, this device can help relax the muscles in the spine.

What makes the Chirp wheel so special?

Chirp Wheel is a massage wheel built with rugged injection-molded ABS plastic inner rim and outdoor rubber tread.

Basically, this is an enhanced foam roller that offers network massage which can help relieve lower back pain and upper back pain.

Wheels can be used as a training recovery tool or for all types of back pain.

So, what makes the Chirp Wheel so special? There are dozens of recovery products on the market, ranging from fitness devices to massage devices to topical cream.

How exactly does the chirping wheel stand out?

The first thing first, let’s look at a unique design. The wheels are light textured and quite soft for comfort, but strong enough to overcome the tangles in your back muscles.

It is clear now that the wheel is sturdy and built with high-quality materials.

Wheel designed remembering back pain relief, and smart design features. Chirp wheel displays the spinal canal in the site, which prevents the wheel from pressing your spine.

Why use the Chirp wheel for back strain treatment ?

While these products are relatively new for the fitness market, they quickly grow popularity.

This company has recently been shown on the shark tank, which provides more exposure to this innovative rolling wheel.

There is no doubt there are many hype surrounding the chirp wheel now

Chirp Wheel differs from the foam roller is 5 inches wide, narrow enough to fit between your shoulder blades, and have a channel in it which is intended to align with your spine.

so you don’t roll in your own spine, and because It’s a concentrated pressure on both sides of your spine, between your shoulder bar and in the middle of your back.

This simple product is visible and cooperating with yoga wheels – unless it is designed specifically to stretch, strengthen, and massage the muscles of hugging spines that are difficult to reach.

The key is a genius, grooves in the middle of the wheel-chirp summing the spinal canal – which ensures more pressure is applied to the muscles around your spine and provides a deeper myofascial release – without pressing the spine that is not desirable directly

Foam roller, on the other hand, is a smooth or smooth foam cylinder, so it doesn’t have the same structure.

The chirp wheel is often compared to foam rollers, but this is not a fair comparison.

Both rollers are used in the same way but the chirp wheel is specifically designed for your back (while foam rollers can be used for any muscle groups).

The focus of the chirp niche wheel provides a unique advantage.

This is more effective for treating lower back pain and back pain because of its unique design. It can also help posture when used correctly.

Key Features of Chirp Wheel

The Chirp wheel is one of the superior products on the market to relieve back pain. Here are some of the main features of this product:

  • Thick, comfortable padding
  • Made with a Narrow design for a focused back massage that focuses on main pain points
  • Spinal canal in the padding for comfort
  • Effective for back pain relief and tension relief
  • Ideal for workout recovery
  • It offers a deep muscle tissue massage
  • High weight
  • Available in three different sizes
  • 10-year warranty
  • 60-day trial with free returns
  • 6, 10 and 12 inches in diameter (3 sizes)
  • Weighing 1, 3, or 4 pounds
  • Capacity of 500 pounds
  • Design of two layers
  • Lightly textured rubber tread
  • ABS plastic inner rim
  • Optional carrying case
  • Optional acupressure pillow and mat

How does the Chirp wheel work?

The Chirp wheel puts pressure on the muscles surrounding the spine. By doing so, the muscles stretch and strengthen. The technical term for this is myofascial release.

Myofascial is an elegant word for muscle, and release refers to tension within the muscle “.

The unique construction of the Chirp wheel is designed to help with back pain relief in all areas.

The Chirp wheel applies the tension in the appropriate areas, which can help you knead the knots, relieve the tension of the lower back and even relieve the headaches and neck pain.

While traditional foam rollers propagate the pressure across the back, the unique design of the Chirp wheel allows you to reach muscle tissue near the spine, which gives users a back massage with deep tissue.

Specific and effective. This is the main attraction of these rear rollers.

They are effective to massage the muscles around the spine that provides the most effective relief of tight muscles and back pain.

“The best way to integrate this device into your well-being or stretch the routine would start standing, placing the device behind your back and against the wall,” says Dr. Cooper.

“From there, progress to the floor, rolling the device along its back.”

It suggests precautionary exercise (or avoiding the device as a whole) if it has ever been diagnosed with spinal stenosis or joint problems of a facet, since the extension it produces at the top of the body can cause more pain.

And as a general rule: “If it hurts, it would suggest its use of suspension,” says Dr. Cooper. “But if it does not hurt, it’s relatively safe.”

Indeed, my understanding, as non-professional, although someone who has done to many of the qualified professionals questions about this in the past, the intention of such massages is that if the muscles stretch in the right way, there is a liberation and that it must Result in a reduced tension almost immediately.

Often, this also results in “appearance” sounds of “appearance” or “cracking”, which apparently is actually a result of pressure within the change of articulation (and not their bones actually, in case that He was wondering).

Chirp wheel has a list of frequently asked questions on the website, as well as more information about the Chirp wheel and some best video demonstrations.

It is also worth noting that if the squeak wheel does not work for you, as you will expect, they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee so you can return it.

How do you know what size of Chirp Wheel is suitable for you?

The wheel has a capacity of 500 pounds, so that almost everyone will be able to use it.

Chirp wheels are present in three different sizes.In addition to the ‘soft’ 12-inch wheels that we have, there are also 10-inch options and 6 inches. You can also buy a set of three!

Large size has a 12-inch diameter and the most popular possibility of all three. This wheel is great for stretching and relieving pain on the upper and lower back.

Medium size has a diameter of 10 inches. This one serves as a middle ground between large and small wheels (which we will discuss next).

This is best for transition between wheels so you can adjust the pressure difference.

Small size has a diameter of 6 inches. While this wheel is the smallest, it can be the most powerful for certain purposes.

This wheel is great for deep tissue massages, targeted stretches, and posture correction.

10 inches can be used in the same way as a 12-inch model and also a little easier to use if you use it on the wall, not on the floor.

Personally, I prefer to roll my Chirp wheel on the floor and the 12-inch model functions properly for it.

The size of 6 inches is described as a deep tissue massages, targeted stretches, and posture correction.Because half a 12-inch diameter, it’s also more portable if you plan to travel with it.

Given that it will provide a more intense stretch, which may be good for tight stubborn muscles, but it can also be a bit too intense, especially if you are new to stretching and massaging your back.

Apart from the description of marketing about what is most suitable for each wheel, it is also worth considering whether you can find 12-inch wheels, which are recommended for most people, complicated to balance.

Assuming there is no physical limit, while it can be rather complicated the first time you use it, it’s no longer difficult after you get used to it.

It helps place the wheels and feet on a flat and non-slip surface, which ideally will be a gym or yoga mat, but also thick carpets or carpets are still much better and more comfortable than the hard floor.

Also, if you slide from the wheel, it would be better not to be on a hard floor!

After a few minutes of shelter on the floor, I have far more motions and far fewer inconvenience on my back. This game modifier.

If you are looking for a better alternative to the foam roller for rigidity again every day, it might be time to invest in the chirping wheel.

And if you can’t decide between size, you can get a set of three sizes for $ 119.

How do you use the chirp wheel to cure back pain ?

You have the largest chirp wheel, which is 12 inches in diameter and is explained by the company as ‘soft’.

This size provides the biggest overall stretch, which seems to be the best for overall pain on the upper and lower back and can also be used to stretch your hips and open your chest.

The first time you use it, you must focus on finding the most comfortable position.

To use it to stretch your spine, shoulder bar, and hips, position the wheel between the shoulder bar, with your spine on the channel for protection. Next, roll forward and retreat on the wheel.

Larger wheels work best for this method, but many depends on your personal needs and preferences. Or, small wheels work very well as muscle massage.

Roll on this wheel in any corner/angle, whatever you need to do to reach the hard-to-get knots around the shoulder blade or lower back.

I like breathing while turning my back from the lower back to my shoulder.

I found me getting a better tension release on the exhaust, and it was more relaxed, especially when I did this along with breathing and yoga exercises.

If you have Similar type back issue similar to what what both my friend and I experience, because the time spent sitting on a computer without always holding the best posture, then you must experience the release of the back pain issue again, accompanied by a satisfying ‘session’ behind.

Needless to say, but I would say that anyone who considers using a massage tool like that of course you need to consider whether you need to consult a professional before using it.

I like things that that you can use every day which is very simple but do a good job.

I used This every day before going to bed, it was amazing after a long day, especially if there was a heavy working day or a long intensive run during the day, and was happy to think to go to bed stretched and calm our back.

Ready for what is expected will also be sleepy.

Does the Chirp wheel Really work?

We have discussed this throughout the review. The Chirp wheel is one of the most effective tools for relieving back pain and workout recovery.

Every part of the product is well designed. I really like the fact that this wheel is specifically designed to relieve back pain.

Even though there are many massage products back on the market, the Chirp wheel has proven to be one of the most effective choices.

The Chirp wheel is the only wheel in the market registered by the FDA as a class 1 segment.. Rear Roller is recommended by a doctor and customer reviews are very phenomenal.


  • Easy to use
  • Get back-popping, knot-kneading relief
  • Effortless release low back Problem
  • Roll out your headaches and neck pain
  • Sleep better by relaxing tight muscles every day


  • Some people might find it difficult to balance on a bigger wheel
  • 5 inches width is assumed to be suitable for everyone

Price and where to Purchase chirp wheel

I highly recommend going for the bundle of pamungkas back pain for two reasons. First, the wheel package is the best value.

Buying all wheels and accessories individually will cost more than $ 200, while the bundle of wheel packaging is available at a price of $ 119.

Second, if the back pain relief is your goal (which should be), this is the most effective choice.

You get access to all the different wheel sizes and the top back posture corrector that can work with miracles.

If you are interested in getting a chirping wheel, you can buy all three sizes with only $ 119 directly from the Chirp website

My Verdict

It places your Lumbar spine in the extension, which can be very good for people who suffer from their low back discs.

Chirp Wheel come in three different sizes, each of which can be used to relieve various levels of tension.

The big wheel, which clock at 12 inches, is the softer, middle size, 10-inch wheels giving medium pressure, and 6-inch small wheels are the best for inside network massage.

Whatever the size you choose to try (you can also take a bundle covering the three), the wheel fitting between your shoulder blades and it’s easy to roll your spine to provide a massage that reduces tension.

It works to loosen the any knots that might form during difficult exercise or hours spent bending on your desk, giving all-over reliefs. And what’s more?

Chirp Wheel helps recover your natural spine curvature, produce better posture, balance and flexibility.You must Try it.

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