Doctors Best weight loss review : Healthy eating plan for weight loss


Doctors Weight Loss began in December 2008 as a little , online store for basic weight loss food products. shortly after, they developed their three flagship brands NutriWise, Protiwise, and BestMed Weight Loss.

They were committed to making sure these brands used top-quality formulations.

Their customers were able to stop paying the high prices offered at weight loss clinics, and instead get an equivalent products for a fraction of the value by buying from them.


Doctors Weight Loss is proud to offer you a various selection of medical grade products and supplements to assist you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

Doctors Weight Loss is that the home of popular brands NutriWise, Protiwise, & BestMed Weight Loss.

Whether you’re seeking high protein shakes, low calorie snacks, satisfying light entrees, or meal replacements, you’ll find them on their user-friendly site.

Their products are just like weight loss supplements that are sold in expensive clinics nationwide.

Clients come to us to save lots of money on their favorite high protein supplements.

They allow them to skip the clinic because they bring a similar service as a clinic within the comfort of their own residence.

Selection, service and their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our top brands are just a couple of of the reasons you’ll shop confidently at Doctors Weight Loss.


They have grown exponentially in the last 10 years, gaining more and more brands to bring you all of the most effective weight loss products they will find.

They have helped thousands of individuals worldwide reach their weight loss goals and are constantly developing new resources to assist you be the simplest YOU.

They’ve recently gained the assistance our an in-house Nutritionist to help their customers find out exactly what products they have to succeed.

It’s never been easier to lose weight!

They are excited to introduce their new tiered meal plan system!

you’ll now be ready to make a choice from 3 plan intensities starting from an introductory decide to a comprehensive, all-inclusive plan.

Whether you’re maintaining your current weight or simply beginning your weight loss journey – they have a diet plan that’s right for you!


Intro Plan



Perfect for beginners—only replaces 25% of your diet!

✔ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


✔ Diet Guide ($30 Value)

✔ Access to our mobile app

✔ Available in 2 and 4 week plans

✔ Fully customizable

✔ Protein-packed chips

✔ Quick, healthy breakfasts

✔ Tasty shakes & bars

Core Plan



Most popular! Replace 50% of your diet to realize maximum results.

Everything within the Intro Plan +

✔ Morning Start Fiber Drinks

✔ Get Trim supplement

✔ Meal planning guidance

✔ Priority access to Nutritionist

✔ Minimal meal prep

✔ Available in 2 and 4 week plans

✔ Fully customizable

Complete Plan



Our super-charged plan with everything you would like to succeed.

Everything in the Intro Plan +

Everything in the Core Plan +

✔ MultiVitamin Plus PatchMD

✔ Healthy high protein entrees

✔ Premium access to Nutritionist

✔ Health Coach assistance

✔ Available in 2 and 4 week plans

✔ Fully customizable

✔ Ultimate variety


Customize your plan

Choose from over 50 products for less than $150 per month. No contract!

Follow the protocol

They give you all the information, all you would like to try and do is stick with it!

Get healthy!

  • Watch the quantity on the scale drop and love the new, healthier you!
  • The same products at a fraction of the cost!
  • No hefty start-up fee
  • Skip the clinic, diet from your own home!
  • Over 50 medical grade products to choose from
  • Less than $5 per day
  • Join the thousands who’ve reached their goal

Customize your plan

Your plan will include 13 boxes of product and one meal plan PDF Guide.

The program will last for 30 days and how to follow the diet properly is detailed within the PDF.

you’ll have full control over the things in your plan, from kinds of foods to flavor. Start here!

Follow the protocol

They follow a protocol almost like other popular diet programs on the market that has Restricted and Un-Restricted products.

you’ll be guided through the method of both choosing your meals and eating them strategically to maximise your potential for weight loss. Have additional questions?

Their Certified Nutritionists are always here to assist you at no additional charge.

Get healthy!

Their high protein 30-day program is proven to assist you slenderize in a simple , affordable way.

By phase 2 and three you’ll be ready to incorporate your own favorite healthy lunches and dinners to keep your diet fun, interesting, and most significantly – YOU!

Why Protiwise?

Medical Grade
These products are a similar as expensive alternatives sold in clinics nationwide.

Proven Weight Loss Aid
Protiwise products average 150 calories and 15 grams of protein per serving – it’s never been easier to slim down

Over 70% more cost-effective
Ideal Protein’s prices are inflated – get a similar products and results without paying extra, aiming to mandatory weigh-ins, or getting pre-selected food.

Better Taste
You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite flavors to attain the results you desire


They have all of the products and support you would like to succeed.

Their medical weight loss foods not only provide an efficient way to slenderize, they are also very tasty!Eating these meals doesn’t feel like a chore or punishment – you’ll enjoy supplementing your diet with their healthy meal.

They have a large variety of food types and flavors to suit every palate and provide a sustainable, affordable diet.

Don’t wait to begin the journey to a happier, healthier you. Success is correct around the corner!


APPETITE: Appetite suppression and an increased feeling of fullness are natural results of consuming a high protein diet. slenderize by eating less without feeling tired!

METABOLISM: Protein increases rate by nearly twice the maximum amount compared to a low protein.

BODY COMPOSITION: Protein promotes muscle repair which allows the body to keep its’ rate high and burn fat at a rapid speed.

  • Choose a meal plan
  • Many varieties to choose from
  • Fully customizable
  • Easiest way to get started
  • HUNDREDS but other brands
  • IP Alternative plan available
  • Intro, Core, & Complete plans

Talk To A Nutritionist

  • 100% FREE
  • One-on-one goal analysis
  • Comprehensive consultation
  • YOU set the appointment date and time
  • Professional and tailored diet advice
  • If you are not sure where to start out , this can be for you!

Discount offer


One of the simplest ways to save lots of money when shopping at Doctors Weight Loss is through their rewards program.

The rewards portal is located at the top right of each page on website, click on Rewards to open.

There you’ll see how many rewards points you’ve got in your account, ways to earn more points, and how to redeem points!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with our BestMed, NutriWise or ProtiWise products, you’ll return or exchange them!

With BestMed Weight Loss, NutriWise and ProtiWise brands, losing and maintaining your weight has never been easier – that’s their promise and guarantee to you!

If our BestMed Weight Loss, NutriWise and ProtiWise brand products don’t meet your expectations of being the most delicious weight loss supplements you’ve ever tried, you’ll return them within 30 days of purchase for a full account credit of the product price .

you’ll also request an exchange for product(s) of equal or lesser value. Shipping charges, if applicable, are non-refundable. International orders could also be returned for a refund only.


Doctor’s Weight Loss takes a comprehensive approach to weight loss. This website is your one-stop-shop for all things diet.

They have a range of brands to suit all needs and tastes, including our three flagship brands—NutriWise, Protiwise, and BestMed Weight Loss.

They even have an array of pre-made and customizable meal plans to get you on the fast-track to your goals.

Not only do they provide high-quality, medical grade weight loss supplements, they’re here to offer you professional counseling also .

They provide FREE phone consultations with our in-house Nutritionists in order that there’s no guess work standing between you and your ideal body.

Their Nutritionists can assist you pinpoint the simplest products for your specific needs, also as create custom meal plans and even grocery lists so you know exactly what you would like to do to succeed!

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African Mango is one of the latest discoveries on the weight loss

Green Barley Plus is the highest rated natural product containing green barley extract. Its slimming and cleansing properties intensify the presence of a legendary ingredient – garcinia cambogia

Probiosin Plus is a unique product with probiotic properties that effectively helps in supporting proper weight management

Piperinox is a food supplement that supports weight management and has an extremely rich formula, which includes as many as 7 natural ingredients

Keto Actives is a food supplement supporting weight loss. We specifically recommend it to those on the ketogenic diet.

Nutrigo Lab Burner is a food supplement addressed to persons who want to lose weight and shape their figure.  

The Cappuccino MCT food supplement is based on 8 ingredients, which naturally contribute to the loss of excess weight.

Fast Burn Extreme is the perfect solution for people who want to quickly and safely burn body fat and reduce body weight.

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