South Beach Diet Review : Is the South Beach Diet successful?


The South Beach Diet may be a well-liked weight-loss diet created in 2003 by medical specialist Arthur Agatston and initial made public in his popular book, “The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof plan for quick and Healthy Weight Loss.” The South Beach Diet may be a commercial weight-loss diet.

The South Beach Diet, that is called when a exciting space of Miami, is usually referred to as a changed low-carbohydrate diet. The South Beach Diet is lower in carbs (carbohydrates) and better in protein and healthy fats than may be a typical intake plan.

however it isn’t a strict low-carb diet, and you do not must count carbs.South Beach is that the latest diet craze to come back out of the States, this point from the sun-kissed bays of American state instead of the garishness and glamour of Hollywood.

So far, quite 5 million copies of the book are oversubscribed and, with an area within the new york Times bestseller list for quite a year, it’s quality appears set to remain.Quite merely, this diet is prime of the recognition stakes as a result of it guarantees nice things. additionally as claiming you’ll lose up to a staggering 13lb in only fortnight, it suggests you’ll additionally expect to lose most of that weight from your tummy.

And who might resist a promise like that? Dr Agatston, a number one american medical specialist, originally created the South Beach diet for his heart patients. whereas his main aim was to enhance their heart health, he discovered that as a aspect result of the diet they additionally lost vital amounts of weight. He claims this is not a low-carb or diet – instead it focuses on intake the ‘right’ carbs and also the ‘right’ fats.

In fact, the South Beach Diet is predicated on the GI Diet. In follow, the diet severely restricts carbohydrates within the initial fortnight, before step by step re-introducing those with an occasional glycaemic index. and it recommends swapping saturates for unsaturates.

What The South Beach Diet Is – in step with The South Beach Diet Supercharged, the intake plan focuses on “real food, together with nutrient-rich, high-fiber carbohydrates; lean sources of protein; smart unsaturated fats; and low-fat dairy farm.” By following the principles, you’re imagined to learn “how to form higher food selections for keeps.”

On the South Beach Diet, you get thereto purpose in 3 phases, the primary of that involves a cutthroat elimination of all carbs for 2 weeks. polished rice and baked goods were out, of course, however thus were natural, healthy-for-you sources like fruits.

The book says the method is supposed to assist an individual free herself of sugar cravings and additionally initiate “early speedy weight loss” to inspire the person to stay with it.

The second section includes the slow intro of foods like whole grains till the person’s goal weight is reached, whereas the third section is once the diet has become a life-style that helps her maintain that weight.

Although i used to be skeptical of the advantages of excision fruits, I liked that the toughest half, phase one, lasted solely fortnight.

That undoubtedly appeared manageable. one amongst my main complaints concerning paleo was that living while not grains for keeps was too massive of an invite me. thus i used to be 100% right down to offer South Beach an effort.

What does it matter ? What’s the theory?

The South Beach Diet follows the identical principles of different diets supported the Glycaemic Index. once we’ve eaten up, the carbohydrates in food get softened into sugars, that are then absorbed into the blood inflicting an increase in blood glucose. In response, the hormone insulin is free from the pancreas to get rid of the sugar from the blood.

Carbohydrate-rich foods with a high glycaemic index, like bagels, cornflakes, light bread and jacket potatoes cause a fast rise in blood glucose, leading to the discharge of an outsized quantity of insulin to cater to this. This causes blood glucose levels to drop quickly, going you lacking in energy, desire a lot of carbs and quickly feeling hungry so you eat once more.

If this pattern is usually continual, you’re possible to achieve weight as a result a perpetually overeating. however on prime of this, over time the body becomes immune to the action of insulin and once this happens, the body becomes simpler at storing fat – particularly around our middle! No surprises then that to slim, foods with a high GI are out!

In distinction, carbs with low glycaemic index like pasta, pulses and dish slowly release sugar into the blood, providing a gradual offer of energy and going you feeling happy for extended. this implies you get fewer carb cravings, don’t perpetually feel hungry then are less possible to overeat.

and there’s less probability that your body can become immune to the results of insulin with the result that it continues to burn fat with efficiency. Foods with a low GI are thus counseled if you would like to slim.

How is it different from Atkins Diet ?

The main difference is within the quantity and kind of fatty foods suggested. whereas the Atkins Diet advocates unlimited amounts of foods high in saturates like cheese, butter and cream, the South Beach Diet recommends a diet that’s low in saturates.

this suggests lean meat, skinless chicken and reduced-fat cheeses are still on the menu, however foods like cream and butter are off limits. The South Beach Diet additionally places way more stress on monounsaturates like vegetable oil.

The Atkins Diet is additionally stricter in terms of its carbohydrate restriction, that even extends to limiting fruit and vegetables. In distinction, South Beach encourages a diet that has fruit, vegetables and different low GI carbohydrates once you enter part 2.


The purpose of the South Beach Diet is to alter the balance of the foods you eat to encourage weight loss and a healthy life-style. The South Beach Diet says it is a healthy means of intake whether or not you wish to slenderize or not.

Why you may follow the South Beach Diet
You might like better to follow the South Beach Diet as a result of you:

Enjoy the categories and amounts of food featured within the diet
Want a diet that restricts sure carbs and fats to assist you slim down
Want to alter your overall uptake habits
Want a diet you’ll be able to follow for all times
Like the related South Beach Diet product, like cookbooks and diet foods
Check with your doctor or health care supplier before beginning any weight-loss diet, particularly if you have got any health issues.


The South Beach Diet says that its balance of excellent carbs, lean protein and healthy fats makes it a nutrient-dense, fiber-rich diet that you just will follow for a period of healthy intake.

The South Beach Diet says that it’ll teach you concerning eliminating questionable “bad” carbs from your diet. It uses the glycemic index and glycemic load to work out that carbs you must avoid.

Foods with a high glycemic index tend to extend your blood glucose quicker, higher and longer than do foods with a lower index. Some proof suggests that this increase in blood glucose will boost your appetency, resulting in raised intake and weight gain and probably diabetes, which may all contribute to cardiovascular disease.

The South Beach Diet additionally teaches you concerning the various types of dietary fats and encourages you to limit unhealthy fats, whereas intake additional foods with healthier monounsaturated fats. The South Beach Diet emphasizes the advantages of fiber and whole grains, and encourages you to include fruits and vegetables in your intake plan.


The South Beach Diet is lower in carbohydrates than may be a typical intake arrange, however not as low as a real low-carb diet. On a typical intake plan, concerning 45 to 65 % of your daily calories return from carbohydrates. supported a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, this amounts to concerning 225 to 325 grams of carbohydrates every day.

In the final maintenance part of the South Beach Diet, you’ll get the maximum amount as 28 % of your daily calories from carbohydrates, or concerning a hundred and forty grams of carbohydrates every day. a real low-carb diet may limit your carb intake to as very little as 20 to 100 grams every day.


The South Beach Diet has evolved over time and currently recommends exercise as a crucial a part of your life-style. The South Beach Diet says that regular exercise can boost your metabolism and help stop weight-loss plateaus.

Phases of the South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet has 3 phases:

Phase 1. This two-week part is intended to eliminate cravings for foods high in sugar and refined starches to jump-start weight loss. you chop out the majority carbohydrates from your diet, as well as pasta, rice, bread and fruit. You can’t drink beverage or any alcohol. You specialise in intake lean protein, like food, skinless poultry, lean beef and soy product. you’ll additionally eat high-fiber vegetables, low-fat dairy and foods with healthy, unsaturated fats, as well as avocados, fruity and seeds.

Phase 2. this is often a long weight-loss section. you start adding back a number of the foods that were prohibited in part one, like whole-grain breads, food grain alimentary paste, brown rice, fruits and additional vegetables. You keep during this section till you reach your goal weight.

Phase 3. this is often a maintenance part meant to be a healthy thanks to eat for keeps. You still follow the life-style principles you learned within the 2 previous phases. you’ll eat every type of foods moderately.
A typical day’s menu on the South Beach Diet
Here’s a glance at what you may eat throughout a typical day in part one of the South Beach Diet:

Breakfast: Breakfast may be an omelette with salmon or baked eggs with spinach and ham, together with a cup of coffee or tea.
Lunch. Lunch may be a vegetable salad with scallops or shrimp, together with tea or club soda.
Dinner. Dinner could feature grilled tuna or pork paired with grilled vegetables and a salad.
Dessert. The diet encourages you to get pleasure from a course, like a ricotta cheesecake or chilled coffee custard, even in phase one.
Snacks. you’ll fancy snacks throughout the day, too, like a Muenster cheese and turkey roll-up or roast chickpeas.

What will result?

The South Beach Diet says that you’ll lose 8 to 13 pounds (3.6 to 5.9 kilograms) within the two-week amount that you’re in part one. It additionally says that almost all of the weight are going to be shed from your midriff. In phase 2, it says that you’ll probably lose 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to one kilogram) per week.

Most people will thin on nearly any diet, particularly within the short term. most vital to weight loss is what number calories you’re taking in and the way many calories you burn off. A weight loss of one to 2 pounds per week is that the typical recommendation. though it should appear slow, it’s a pace that’s additional probably to assist you maintain your weight loss for good.

Losing an oversized amount of weight quickly might indicate that you’re losing water weight or lean tissue, instead of fat. In some things, however, quicker weight loss is safe if it’s tired a healthy manner. as an example, some diets embrace an initiation part to assist you jump-start your weight loss, as well as the South Beach Diet and also the mayo Clinic Diet.


Dr Arthur Agatston may be a heart specialist at the mount sinai Medical Centre in Florida within the USA. His specialty was cardiac imaging (producing ‘pictures’ of the heart and blood vessels) however he started advising his cardiac patients on the way to reverse their blocked arteries and combat blubber.

Having tried the low fat, high carb diet suggested by the american Heart Association within the 1990’s, he became enlightened with the lack of success and then (with the assistance of the dieticians at the centre) created his own high protein diet however with monounsaturated and unsaturated fats like vegetable oil, canola oil, vegetable oil and dotty.

Dr Agatston lost weight himself on the regime and like numerous others, thought that he would attempt it on others. He says he conducted an effort of his diet against the strict Step two version of the AHA diet on 40 overweight volunteers. Over 12 weeks, the South Beach Dieters born 13.6 pounds, double that of the 7.5 pounds by the AHA group. He had fewer drop-outs and a lowering of triglycerides and a far better magnitude relation of high-density lipoprotein to LDL cholesterol.Try it yourself.


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